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Thank you for visiting our page. We are committed to serving our community and small businesses. 

With more than 10 years rendering service and brainstorming ideas, creating and recreating visions and making dreams come true, I am certain that our level of dedication will take you where you desire to go.

I started out as a single, entrepreneur with a vision. I knew that I had dreams of becoming successful, but had not risen from my sleep to allow my dreams to become reality. It was the death of my sister and the birth of my son that changed my life forever! 

Now I am the proud owner of MEA Family Enterprises, Inc. (MEAFE, Inc.) and I am the host of Business and Balance Radio Show on WDRBmedia. 

I’ve structured several businesses of my own and assisted others with cultivating theirs, until I realized that my heart was truly to serve by sharing my experiences and providing others with opportunities. 

Feel free to catch our inspirational stories or become an inspirational story by joining our organization, discovering your why and channeling your focus toward success. You don’t have to be a business owner or have a history of entrepreneurship, to gain control of your time today and live your life to the fullest! 


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